Canadian Strategy

The Canadian Small-Cap Strategy is led by Benoît Durand and his team of three investment professionals.

As of September 30, 2017, the Canadian Small-Cap Strategy has a 25-year track record with a compound annualized rate of return of 13.88% since inception in June 1992 in $ CAD.



Note: Van Berkom and Associates Inc. (“VBA”), an entity registered with the Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba Securities Commissions as Portfolio Manager and with the Securities and Exchange Commission (United States) as Investment Advisor. VBA claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and has prepared the information above in compliance with the GIPS standards.  VBA has not been independently verified.  Investment performance results are those of the VBA Cdn. Pension Fund Composite (“VBA Composite”) of segregated small-cap pension fund portfolios. Performance numbers shown are the time-weighted, total return results of the Canadian Small-Cap Equity Composite managed by the investment professionals at VBA from July 1, 1992 to present. The composite includes actual fee-paying, fully discretionary, institutional, tax-exempt separate account portfolios which are following a small-capitalization equity mandate. Only full calendar months are included in the calculation of performance.  Performance is gross of all management fees. Please note that Management Fees are applicable to services provided by VBA and its affiliates and are established contractually; performance fees are optional.




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